Furnished Corporate Housing Rentals in Missouri

First established in 1991, Corporate Accommodations is now the go-to source for clients looking for corporate accommodations and housing rentals in St. Louis, Missouri. However, we can find you options in other parts of the country as well.

Over the years, Corporate Accommodations has worked closely with some of the largest corporations in the Midwest, including Boeing, Nestle Purina, and Edward Jones. We’ve helped them track down corporate accommodations and housing rentals for their employees, their consultants, and others. We’ve also lent a helping hand to owners displaced from their homes as a result of fire, water damage, and more. Anyone looking to rent a high-quality furnished apartment that includes all the comforts of home for more than 30 days can benefit from our services.

Our accommodations are cost-effective and can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for something small in the heart of St. Louis or something on the larger side in a residential part of somewhere in Missouri, we will find the right property for you. Renting an apartment from us will prove to be a more affordable option than booking a hotel for an extended period of time, and it’ll also allow you to obtain access to all the comforts of home during your stay.

Reasons to Choose Corporate Accommodations


Choices… that’s the luxury that Corporate Accommodations offers the person who prefers a home-like setting over a conventional hotel room.


Wherever you need to be…in the heart of the city, close to corporate campuses, or nestled in an established residential area…we have the location for you.


Temporary or long term, our corporate apartments provide an unparalleled setting that will help you adapt more comfortably and quickly to your new environment.  We take pride in offering a vast range of traditional and contemporary furniture styles crafted by the industry’s most prestigious furniture manufacturers.


Extras are where other corporate providers stop, we continue to add–extra light bulbs, fragrant bath soaps and shampoo, kitchen soaps, laundry soap and softener, liners for wastebaskets, facial and bath tissue, vacuum cleaner, and a dustpan and broom.


Assistance available 24 hours a day for all situations including furniture/houseware problems, maintenance issues, phone/cable malfunctions, etc.

We define ourselves every day by our commitment to service.  Our standard is simple.  We are uncompromising in our pursuit of providing you with a service experience that is unexpected and unequaled.  

We make it different because we make it simple for you!

Furnished Corporate Apartments in Missouri

If you’re interested in renting a furnished corporate apartment in Missouri, Corporate Accommodations has rental properties available throughout the state. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to be in St. Louis for a month or two for business purposes or searching for a place to stay in St. Charles. We have short and long-term housing solutions in many different Missouri cities.

Suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri With Corporate Accommodations

  • Chesterfield – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments
  • Creve Coeur – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments
  • Downtown – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments
  • Florissant – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments
  • Maryland Heights – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments
  • St. Charles – Furnished Short & Long-Term Housing/Apartments

Furnished Corporate Apartments in Missouri

Outside of providing people with housing rentals, Corporate Accommodations also has a long list of furnished corporate apartments in different parts of Missouri. From centrally located housing in downtown St. Louis to housing in cities, you won’t have any problem finding the best housing options for your specific situation through Corporate Accommodations.

  • Brookfield
  • Downtown St. Louis
  • Menomonee Falls
  • Oak Creek
  • Hales Corners
  • Greenfield
  • Germantown
  • Glendale
  • New Berlin

Why choose to stay in a hotel when you could take advantage of one of the corporate accommodations and housing rentals in Missouri available through Corporate Accommodations? Check out the rest of our site to see the housing options and private accommodations we have in store for you.