More Business Travelers are Extending Their Trips for Leisure

Want to make the most of your next out-of-town business trip? You’re not alone! According to a recent report published by Expedia Group, many business travelers are sticking around after their work is done to enjoy some leisure time as well. In fact, the report found that more than 60 percent of business trips taken in 2017 were extended for leisure purposes. This constitutes a 40 percent increase in combined business and leisure travel (affectionately known as “bleisure” travel) since 2016.

Today’s business travelers are using these trips as cost-effective opportunities to see places they might not otherwise have a chance to explore. After all, why take two trips when you could just extend the trip you’re already on?

According to Expedia’s report, business travelers are most likely to extend their stays when they’re visiting distant destinations more than 400 miles from home. Other leading factors that tend to influence these decisions include local entertainment venues, convenient navigation options and iconic landmarks and sightseeing opportunities. It’s also interesting to note that business travelers were equally as likely to extend international trips as they were to extend domestic trips.

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